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  IVX C-Class
Generation II

IVX C-Class
Generation II

All-in-One Digital Phone System

Enhance your communications with a
superior small-business telephone system.

Available in 12 and 24 key digital feature


  IVX S-Class
Generation II

All-in-One Digital Phone System

- Four available channels of voice mail and two hours of voice message storage.


- Six available channels of voice mail and 30 hourss of message storage.
ESI Cordless Handsets

Built for the office

- One-touch access
- A shared voice mailbox
- Programable feature keys
- A large display
  ESI Presence Management for
ESI business telephone systems

Open the door with ESI's combination
of RF scanning technology and ESI's
award winning telephone systems,
offering presence status, call control,
entrance security, and documented
tracking of users' work hours and
attendance history.


  ESI's VIPfor Microsoft Outlook

Change forever the way you communicate.

- Manage voice mail
- Keep a history of your call activity
- Get more from your contacts
- Restore deleted voice mail message
- View missed calls
- Program your phone


  ESI Communications Servers:

ESI Presence Management
- VIP Professional
- VIP PC Attendance Console
- VIP ACD Supervisor
- VIP ACD Agent



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