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Inter-Tel Encore CX®

The ability to communicate effectively - in your busy office, home office or an eclectic household - demands a reliable and intergrated system designed to improve communication over the telephone and the Internet.

Inter-Tel's EncoreCX® is a scalable, voice-centric platform ideally suited for small businesses and large residences.

EncoreCX® delivers a host of leading-edge standards that makes communication more manageable for today's small commercial and large residential settings. Whether you operate a retail business, a multi-branch business, a home office or a busy household, EncoreCX® offers you an affordable route to technology convergence.

Inter-Tel® 700 Network Communications Solutions

To maximize the efficiency of both people and processes in today's business world, it takes superior communication tools such as those available in the family of next generation Inter-Tel
® 700 Network Communications Solutions.

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